LOOKING FOR OFFICIALS TO WORK YOUR NEXT EVENT? The following link will take you to a list of certified Delta Region Professional Officials: Delta Region Professional Officials List as of 3-1-2018

The Officials Information is divided into THREE sections:

  • The First Section includes information for adult Professional Officials
  • The Second Section includes information and instructions for Junior Coaches, Players and Chaperones on how to register for referee/score/line judge and libero clinics and how to complete their officiating certifications.
  • The Third Section includes other points of interest for officials; including how to make sure you are certified.

referee2Delta Region uses USA Volleyball’s Official training & education site called USA Volleyball Academy as our official clinic/exam site. The clinics introduce the rules of the game to our members and provides them with the guidance and support to make their tournament experiences structured, fair, and hopefully, more enjoyable. The Guidebooks below contain step-by-step instructions of how to negotiate the Academy and how to submit a “HELP” ticket in case you run into trouble. 

Referee and Scorer certifications in the Delta Region are divided into two categories: 

  • Professional Officials- (adults who desire to work for pay) 
  • Club Officials- (players and adults of a Junior Volleyball Club)

Since Christmas break is coming soon, I realize a lot of you will be trying to maneuver the online site for taking your officiating clinics and maybe a refresher may be in order for everyone.

All teams are only required to have six certified officials on their team rosters. These certifications are: one adult R1; one R2; one Score keeper; one Libero tracker; and two line judges. Some coaches may require all players to take everything—sorry—if so, expect to be on the computer for about 2.5 hours to complete all courses.

The courses can only be accessed through your USAV Member Account. When you became a member, you were assigned your very own USAV account. You will need to know your Username and Password to access the site. If you have forgotten it, use the “Forgot my password” button on the sign-in page.

Steps to register for the online officiating clinics are as follows:

  1. Go to to login to your Member Account
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. On the left bottom section of the page look for the Region Clinics tab and then click on Region Ref/score Clinics
  4. A list of clinics will then come up on the page. Read each description carefully for the De Clinics you wish to take. If you are a junior player—only take the clinics listed for junior players.
  5. After you register for the clinic, you will receive a confirmation email telling you that you are all signed up and can begin, including a link to the clinics. If you aren’t ready to start yet—no worries—you can log back in to the clinics from the main page of your Member Account.
  6. To log in to the place where the De Clinics can be found (after you register), just click on the “Volleyball Academy” tab on your Member Account page. You will then be directed to the Learning Material site.
  7. You will notice that the clinic you signed up for has a DE listed in the title. This just means this is the name of the Delta clinic (all regions of USAV uses this same site).
  8. Under each DE Clinic you will find the actual course you have to take. Each course will begin with an Introduction to remind you of what you need to take. The actual courses you take are the same courses that everyone in USAV will take. The course titles all begin with US.
  9. You will need to take all courses in your Learning Material site—that includes everything that begins with US.
  10. When you have completed all courses for the clinic you registered for, your certification will immediately appear under the Officiating tab on the first page of your Member Account. If you page still list “in-progress” this means that you have not completed all of the course-work. Log back into the Academy to see what you missed.

I hope this helps you. If you still have questions go to and look at the Official’s tab for the particular Guidebook for your membership. We have one Guidebook for Professional Officials and one Guidebook for Junior Club Officials…there are screenshots available to view.

If you have trouble with the volleyball ref-training site, there is a tab in the top blue border of the page that reads “Help”. Fill out a Help ticket and someone from the Academy will walk you through your problem. They know much more about the site than I do—so, contact them first.

Below I have a list of all Junior Club Delta Clinics available to take:

  1. DE18_101: Line Judge Training-15 minutes
  2. DE18_102: Libero Control Training-21 minutes
  3. DE18_103: Delta Scorer Training for Jr. Players, Coaches, Chaperones and Managers—37 minutes
  4. DE18_104: Second Referee Training for Jr. Players, Coaches, Chaperones and Managers—44 minutes
  5. DE18_105: First Referee Training for Jr. Players & Managers—Reminder we do not allow junior players to R1 in the Delta Region. Players would only need to take this course if they play out of region where they require player to R1. Yep—there are some regions that do this.—41 minutes
  6. DE18_ 110: First Referee Training for Jr. Coaches and Chaperones-51 minutes

Below is the list of courses for Professional Officials Delta Clinics:

  1. DE18_201   DE New Professional Referee Training—80 minutes + 90 minutes of SafeSport
  2. DE18_202   DE Recertifying Professional Provisional Referee Training-120 minutes
  3. DE18_203   DE New Professional Regional Referee Training—113 minutes
  4. DE18_203   DE Recertifying Professional Regional Referee Training-65 minutes
  5. DE18_299   DE Cram Session
  6. DE18_301   DE Professional Score Clinic for New Scorers-60 minutes
  7. DE18_302   DE Recertifying Professional Provisional Scorer Training-24 minutes
  8. DE18_303   DE New Professional Regional Scorer Training-42 minutes
  9. DE18_303   DE Recertifying Professional Regional Scorer Training-24 minutes



Professional Officials are held to a higher standard, therefore training and testing is more detailed. Officials who will be working in the Delta Region must be registered through USA Volleyball. Independent adults (age 18 and above) may register with the Delta Region as a Professional Official with a discounted yearly membership of $27. It is the policy of the Delta Region that individuals officiating sanctioned events must submit to a background screening as determined by USA Volleyball and be SafeSport certified. Background screenings are to be completed every two years at an additional cost of $18.00. A background screen is not required for individuals classified as junior players or members not associated with juniors’ activities.


  • To educate, train, and evaluate officials for the sport of volleyball.
  • Establish criteria for progressive levels of officiating certification and directing the certification process for Delta Region officials.
  • Disseminating information about officiating opportunities.
  • Promoting the use of officials who are certified by the Delta Region. 
  • Develop and maintain professional and ethical conduct guidelines for Delta Region officials.

Below is the  Official’s Guidebook for Professionals. The guidebook will help the individual maneuver the training site and list the steps to becoming a certified Delta Region Official.

2018 Officials Guidebook for Professional Officials

SAFESPORT: The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Volleyball. USA Volleyball has a ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct. This includes not only on-court safety, but also off-court safety in any part of USA Volleyball’s programs. USA Volleyball is committed to creating safe and fun environments for youth. This includes, but is not limited to, providing training, educational materials and resources for our regions, clubs, coaches and parents.

TAKE SAFESPORT TRAINING: All adult members of the Delta Region are required to be certified in SafeSport. Beginning with the 2018-2019 season, the online course must be repeated every two years. To become SafeSport certified, a USAV member will need to complete all three of the 30-minute modules (replacing the current 90-minute course).

  1. Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
  2. Reporting Child Sexual Abuse
  3. Emotional and Physical Misconduct

The SafeSport coursework is now delivered through the USAV Academy.  Accessing the course through the USAV Academy is critical to tracking certification and expiration dates. Please access the course exclusively through the USAV Academy (not the USOC SafeSport website).  To register for SafeSport training:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your USAV account.
  3. In the navigation menu, click on USAV Clinics and select USAV Coaching Clinics.
  4. Select SafeSport On-Demand: Two-Season Certification.
  5. Complete registration.
  6. To access coursework, click on the Log into USAV Academy button.

Should you need to return to your coursework at a later time, log in to your USAV account and click on the Log into USAV Academy button. For technical issues, while completing the course, please visit:

RENEWAL CYCLES: USAV has negotiated with the USOC for a transition period to phase in the new training materials given the timing of the rollout of the new program and its coincidence with our membership season. USAV will be transitioning to a two-season SafeSport cycle starting with the 2018-2019 season.  Any required individual who has not taken the new course work will need to do so to participate in junior events (National or Regional) starting with the 2018 -2019 season.  This means that everyone already SafeSport certified under the current program will remain certified through all of the 2017-2018 season.

USAV will encourage members who are already SafeSport certified to review the newly created Reporting Child Sexual Abuse module via communications on multiple media platforms as we’d like to close the gap between the original SafeSport course and the new program with as many members as quickly as possible.

If you would like additional SafeSport information or would like to Make A Report just go to

PLEASE NOTE: Delta Region Professional Officials serve as independent contractors when officiating at Delta Region-USAV sanctioned events. The term as an independent contractor lasts for one membership season (November 1-October 31 each year) and must be annually renewed by registering as a Delta Region- USAV member.

Individual tournament directors hire officials for their events. The SCHEDULE tab on this website lists all events to be held within the region along with contact information of tournament directors. Delta Region Officials should personally contact the tournament director to apply for work.

Before an individual may be hired to work an event, they must have a current membership, cleared a background screening, completed SafeSport training and be certified in the field they plan to work.

2019 Delta Region Member HandbookThe Delta Member Handbook is not only a guide for operating a club, it will assist you with your understanding of the Delta Region as a whole, including Delta’s Confidential Policy and Due Process Procedures.


Each team in the Delta Region is required to have at least two certified referees, one certified scorekeeper, on certified Libero trackers and two certified Line Judges listed on the team roster. Different levels of officiating certification are available through the Delta Region. Please review each certification requirement outlined in this Official’s Guidebook.

With the increasing expectation of quality officials for volleyball matches, it is the policy of the Delta Region that certified coaches or certified chaperones of Junior Teams accept the role of primary referee (R1) for their team, when a paid official is not working the set. Junior Officials may serve as a secondary referee (R2). We believe that this is the best direction for us to take for the protection of the younger players and the integrity of the game. We expect all Junior Programs to embrace this concept and participate fully as a club.


  • To educate and train members of junior clubs to serve as part of an officiating team during
    junior competition
  • To develop and maintain professional and ethical conduct guidelines for all Delta Region officials
  • To disseminate information about officiating opportunities
  • To encourage our junior officials to continue working as a paid official for a career goal.

To fulfill the officiating requirements of Junior teams, each team needs the following certified officials:

  • R1 (adult)
  • R2 (can be a player–at Natl Qualifiers R2 must be adult in U14 divisions)
  • Scorer (a good one)
  • Assistant Scorer (libero tracker) 
  • Visual Score Operator (no certification necessary)
  • 2 Line Judges 

Below is the  Junior Club Officials Guidebook. The guidebook is intended for members of junior clubs who serve as either a club director, coach, chaperone or player. The guidebook will help the junior club member to maneuver the training site and list the steps to becoming a certified as a Junior Official. 

PLEASE NOTE: Certificates are issued each time an individual completes a course. There are several courses required for each Clinic. Therefore, someone might receive 4-6 certificates prior to actually completing the clinic and becoming certified. JUST REMEMBER: If you see a course listed on your learning activities section of the Volleyball Academy page- you must take the course to complete your certification. ACTUAL CERTIFICATIONS ARE POSTED IMMEDIATELY TO THE INDIVIDUALS MEMBER PAGE–IF YOUR REFEREE OR SCORER CERTIFICATION IS NOT SHOWING UP—THEN, YOU ARE NOT DONE!

2018 Junior Club Officials Guidebook



MODIFICATION OF OFFICIALS TRAINING: At the October 2017 National USA Volleyball meetings a motion was passed to recommend to the Officials Division that they “Modify officials training at all levels to encourage referees to focus less on matters that do not provide a competitive advantage or safety factor for a player or team”. Training emphasis should be placed on facilitating the playing rules rather than minor rules infractions. This includes but is not limited to the following items: non-metallic items on wrist, spectators feet on the sport court, uniform number that is visible but is just off center, warming up in non-numbered shirts, bench personnel on playing surface, but not blocking a line judge view, etc. Rationale: Over officious referees concentrate on small details that have nothing to do with playing the game. So the game becomes miserable for players, coaches and spectators. If a minor infraction has nothing to do with how the game is being played, referees should be trained to overlook these items. Bring the fun and excitement back to the game.

JERSEY LEGALITY LIES WITH TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: An additional motion was passed at the meeting to give the final authority on jersey legality to the tournament director, qualifier director or USA Volleyball national events director. Rationale: Not all referees can agree on what is a legal jersey and what is not. Some referees make over reaching decisions because they fear repercussions of not following all rules to the letter. Tournament directors want the players to play, even if a jersey does not comply with the strict interpretation of a rule.

Rule Modifications effective only in Delta Region events– not at National events or Bid Qualifier:

  • Boys may play in girls divisions 10s, 11s 12s & 13s (either co-ed or as a boys team)
  • 2-meter Step-in Serving rule for 12 & under
  • Age Group Waivers will be accepted (Policy)
  • Player Uniform Waiver: The DCR says “the color and design for the jerseys and shorts must be uniform…” which indicates shorts over spandex would not be allowable. However, for play within the Delta Region, the Delta Region Commissioner can grant exceptions to players who, for religious or modesty reasons, wish  to  cover up.  Players that have been granted a Uniform Waiver have been instructed to carry the Delta Region authorization to all Delta Region events for verification. The shorts will need to be the same color as the team’s spandex. 

Note: if a team plans to play in the Delta Bid Qualifier, National Qualifiers or the Junior National Championships, they MAY not want to utilize these changes in their team selection or tournament play, as these modifications will not be in force…so age-waivered players cannot play, etc. Other Regions may not accept these waivers; it is the decision of each region.

FAQ for taking the online officiating courses

Q. How do I take the course?

A. In order to take the officiating courses, first you have to REGISTER for the clinic.

  • Log into Webpoint (our membership database) at
  • Type in Username and password
  • Under Region Clinics, click on Region Ref/Score Clinics
  • Follow on-screen prompts to REGISTERfor the required/desired clinics.
  • Click on red Login to USAV Academy button to jump to Academy to take course work.
  • Once registered, go to USAV Academy by logging into Webpoint and clicking on that same red Academy button.

Q. I have my certificate. Why am I still showing a “P” on my record?

A. Since the Volleyball Academy system generates a certificate every time someone completes a course, this can get confusing. When the member gets a certificate, they say, “Yay! I am finished I have my certificate!” PLEASE NOTE: They are not finished. The system will generate about 4-6 certificates for each course as part of the R2 and the Scorer Clinics. (I am trying to get USAV to do away with the certificates).

Q. I took the second referee course and have my certificateBut, I still have a “P” on my record.

 A. One of the courses listed in the cadre of courses to complete for the Second Referee Clinic is called “Junior Second Referee”.  Some think that when they finish this particular course (in which they will get a certificate) that they are done. They are not! They still have to complete the other courses listed and the introduction required for clinic—which in-all take about 44 minutes.

Q. I watched the course. Why do I have a “P” on my record?

A. In some cases, individuals are only watching the Introduction Course, which is only about 3-4 slides. The introduction courses are just that, there to introduce you to the requirements for completing each clinic.

Q. I just want to be an R2. But, coach says I have to take scoring courses also?

A. Though the scoring clinic is not required this season for an R2—referees need to understand how to keep score and how to read the score book in case someone messes up the score.

Q. How can I tell if I am through with my clinics and certified?

A. Just log into your Member Account at; put in your username and password; then click on “Member Profile” and then the Coaching/Officiating” tab at the upper right corner. If you are certified, it will read Junior Referee or Junior Scorer. If it reads “In progress”, you are not done.

Q. How can I tell which other courses I need to take to get finished?

A. From your member account, click on the red USAV Academy button. The first page to open is your “Account” page. Look at your “Learning Activities” section on this page. You will see the top section that list the courses you are “ENROLLED” in and the bottom section lists the courses that you have “COMPLETED”. You need to make sure to take all courses listed in the Enrolled section. These courses are all part of the Clinic you registered for…R1, R2, Scorer, Line Judge or Libero.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not spend around 44 minutes getting your Junior R2 certification and about 37 minutes getting your Junior Scorer certification—then you did not finish the clinics.

Libero Uniform Guidance


Rules of the Game


Comparison of Rules–USA Volleyball/ High School/ NCAA Volleyball

Yes, there are three separate sets of rules…maybe that’s why you are confused.


 Read More…