mark-your-calendarThe annual Delta Region Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Saturday, August 26 in Jonesboro.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:30 am and will be held at BancorpSouth, 2201 Fair Park Blvd. The Delta Region Board meeting traditionally lasts 5-6 hours and is open to all current adult members.

A call for agenda items is now being requested. If you have any topics you would like to have discussed at the meeting, email reg@deltavolleyball.net by Thursday, August 3rd.

The 2018 Delta Region Tournament schedule will be determined during the meeting. If you are interested in holding an event please send your request toreg@deltavolleyball.net before August 1.

Joe Williams, Commissioner, will present the 2017 Delta Region Membership Report and the Corporation’s Financial Statement.

All members are asked to notify the region office if they plan to attend by Wednesday, August 16. This is just a courtesy, to guarantee seating space & lunch for all attendees (yum…lunch is free).


2017 Delta Region Indoor Calendar of Events as of 2-25-2017

Ready for some summer fun? How about playing volleyball outdoors?



Beach Volleyball Quick Rules of the Game (Thanks to Fatchmo for putting this list together)

  • Rally Scoring: 2 games to 21, with third game to 15 (if necessary)or 1 game to 28 (rally scoring)
  • 4 team pools will play 2 games to 21 with no tie breaker, 6 team pools will play 1 game to 28 points
  • Juniors will referee each other’s matches during pool play and all bracket play with the exception of championship matches
  • Block counts as a contact
  • No Open hand dinks/tips
  • One Toss per serve
  • Players may not “set” the ball or contact the ball with finger action in an attempt to play the ball when receiving the serve.
  • Any contact with any part of the net by a player’s body is a violation.
  • Players handling the ball must set the ball in direction they are facing or directly behind them (shoulders squared) when returning the ball over the net.
  • Side Changes in multiples of seven (7) when the set goes to 21 or 28. Side changes in multiples of five (5) when the set goes to 15.
  • Time-Outs: Each team is allowed one 30 secondtime-out per set.
  • Active coaching is limited to time-outs and in between sets and matches. In addition for the IBVL and Club Championships only, active coaching is allowed during side changes.  The coach may not enter the court.  The interaction must take place during the time allowed when players change sides of the court and play must immediately begin after the side change.
  • For the 12U divisions, all contacts that are hit overhand are considered a driven ball.  The first contact may be received with multiple contacts (on the same attempt) or may take the ball with an open hand or set.
  • Athletes may wear socks or sand socks during competition. No shoes, sandals, etc. may be worn during competition.

Note about boys playing: Boys 13 and under can play with a male or female partner, and can play against teams of girls. If a boy under 13 is playing in the girls division of a tournament, he must play up an age division. Boys over the age of 13 must compete in a boys division, provided there are enough teams to make a boys division. If a boy under the age of 13 wins a tournament, they will be asked to play up an age division in their next tournament. 

Uniforms: Uniforms not required. Most teammates wear the same color top. 

Players must play barefoot or in sand socks. Sand socks are highly recommended due to the expected high temperatures during this time of year. No sandals or tennis shoes will be allowed during play. 

For 2017 USA Volleyball Beach Rules and Interpretations  CLICK HERE

Indoor Rule Modifications for the Delta Region

Below are rule modifications that have been developed specifically for the Delta Region. Not all regions follow these same rule modifications.


Players can use “step-in” (service line is 6’6″ into the court) serving f or Delta Region domestic tournaments. Note: This step-in rule is used by domestic club programs in the Delta Region. Other Regions may not allow the step-in rule; it is the decision of each region. Net height is lowered to (7′).


Male athletes are eligible to play in domestic Junior Girl’s competition within the Delta Region in the girls 13-12-11-10-9-8 Age Divisions:   Note: This age def inition is used by domestic club programs in the Delta Region.  Boys or coed teams may participate in the Delta Region Championships but will not be allowed to participate in the Delta Region Bid Qualifier. Other Regions may not accept these waivers; it is the decision of each region.


The DCR says “the color and design for the jerseys and shorts must be uniform…” which indicates shorts over spandex would not be allowable. However, for play within the Delta Region, the Delta Region Commissioner can grant exceptions to players who, for religious or modesty reasons, wish  to  cover up.  Players that have been granted a Uniform Waiver have been instructed to carry the Delta Region authorization to all Delta Region events for verification. The shorts will need to be the same color as the team’s spandex. Other Regions may not accept these waivers; it is the decision of each region.


Age waivers are granted to allow athletes to play with their classmates, even if they are slightly older with a birth date that would require them to play with an older age group.  If the Club Director requests an age-group waiver, the entire team will be unable to play in nationally-sanctioned events.  Age Waivers are only granted to allow players to play with their classmates and not granted for developmental purposes. Age Waiver request can only be made by the Club Director. An Age Waiver Application must be completed by the Club Director and approved by the Delta Region Commissioner. Age-waivered players may not participate in the Delta Region Bid Qualifier, any National Qualifier or the Junior Girl’s National Championships unless the player plays with her age-appropriate team. Other regions MAY choose to allow the participation of age waived players–some may not. Contact the individual Tournament Director to check on the eligibility of waived players within the region you will be playing. If an outside region does not accept waived players then said player may not participate in sanctioned tournaments within that region unless the player plays with her age appropriate team as directed by the USAV Age Definitions.