Thank you for reaching out to start a new program for juniors. Hopefully you are considering both boys and girls in this process. Please read  Starting a Junior Club prior to organizing your club. Note that this guidebook is simply a short collection of information to help get you started. For additional information and assistance with registration or forming your program, please contact the Delta Region Volleyball office at and make sure to browse the USA Volleyball website;   Joe Williams, Commissioner Delta Region

Starting a Junior Volleyball Program can be both a rewarding and a frustrating experience. The sources of the rewards are rather apparent – the opportunity to see young people grow and develop, the excitement of athletic competition, and the joy of a job well done. The challenges, on the other hand, can mostly be avoided by careful preseason planning which must then be carried out throughout the entire year. The majority of the frustrations arise not out of the players or the coaches, but the administrative details.

Key Points When Starting a Club in the Delta Region:

  1. There is no charge for creating a volleyball club in the Delta Region.
  2. Clubs must be located within the geographical boundaries of the region or in the region in which its club director resides.
  3. Each club may have only one club director.
  4. Once you decide to start a program, you (Club Director) must first join USA Volleyball through the Delta Region as a “Regular” member and complete a background screening. Note: depending on the time of year, background screenings can take up to 2 weeks when properly filled out.
  5. Next print the 2018 Club Application form.
  6. Include the Club Director name, membership number and contact information on the application form, along with any Club information.
  7. Select a Club Administrator (this can be the club director) that can handle the day-to-day operations of the online member system. They also must join USA Volleyball/Delta Region and complete a background screening. Include their name, membership number and contact information on the 2018 Club Application form.
  8. Email the 2018 Club Application form to the Delta Region office. Make sure it is fill out completely including all information on both pages of the application. This will allow your club to be entered into the online registration system.
  9. Please review Starting a Junior Club and the 2018 Delta Member Handbook for additional information.

Below are the various forms and information to be used throughout the volleyball season.

  • Why USA Volleyball is the RIGHT CHOICE: When you join the Delta Region, you become a registrant of USA Volleyball (USAV), just like the players who won Olympic Games medals in Rio de Janeiro. Based in Colorado Springs, Colo., USA Volleyball is the National Governing Body (NGB) of the sport, serving the lifetime sport of volleyball at all ages and levels, through its 40 Regions and other affiliated members.
  • USA Volleyball Director & Officers Liability Insurance: ESIX offers a voluntary online Directors & Officers Insurance Program to all USA Volleyball clubs. Some of the programs highlights include: Protects your organization’s directors & officers from personal liability associated with their wrongful acts, errors, and omissions in the performance of duties for your organization; Typical D&O claims often allege mismanagement of funds and negligent decisions affecting club members, participants, coaches, officials and others; EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES LIABILITY (EPL) COVERAGE: Protects your organization’s board members from claims alleging harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination.
  • 2018 Club Application: A Club Application must be submitted each season with the Delta Region office. No application will be granted until the Club Director has completed their personal membership requirements.
  • 2017-18 Sanction Request for Practice and Tryouts: Send this form to the region office prior to tryouts. Review the 2018 Rental Agreement Checklist prior to signing a lease agreement for a site to host practices or events. Protect yourself and your family from financial disaster by making sure you only host sanctioned events in sanctioned facilities, with insurance provided under the USA Volleyball liability policy and sport accident policy. The 2018 form is not available at this time–please check back in late September for the 2018 form.
  • 2018 Delta Region Member Handbook: The Delta Member Handbook is not only a guide for operating a club, it will assist you with your understanding of the Delta Region as a whole, as well as some of the specific requirements for players, coaches, etc.
  • 2018 Age Definition Chart: This chart outlines the age requirements for athletes during the 2017-2018 season.
  • 2018 Age Waiver Request: The Delta Region has the ability to grant age waivers to allow athletes who missed the birthday cut-off of September 1 to play with their classmates. Age waivers are only granted to allow players to participate with their classmates and not granted for developmental purposes. Age Waivers are only valid within the Delta Region. Teams with an age-waivered player who travel outside the region must notify the tournament director and seek approval for the player to participate. The age waiver application must be completed by the Club Director and approved by the Delta Region Commissioner.
  • 2018 Background Policy: It is the policy of USA Volleyball and the Delta Region that any club/entity intending to hire or use registered individuals (age 18 or older) in any sanctioned junior volleyball events and/or activities (tournaments, practices, tryouts & fundraisers are just some examples) will accept and abide by this background screening policy. USA Volleyball or the Delta Region will not register, or allow to be registered, any individual who refuses to consent to a background screen if he/she intends to affiliate and/or participate with a junior club/team. All screens will be good for two membership seasons, unless required more frequently by state law. Anyone that fails a background screen cannot reapply for another screen until the following season. Screenings in the Delta Region cost $17.50 (every two years) and are conducting automatically when using the online member registration system. A separate process is in place for Non-citizens without a social security number: they should fill out the 2018 Background Consent Form for Non-citizens w/o SSN and send to the Delta Region office.
  • Member Registration: Most member registrations and payments are completed online through a system named ‘Webpoint’. A tab on the Delta Region home page titled ‘Join now’ will direct players and adults to the online registration site. Club Directors should encourage their members to utilize the online registration site to minimize the amount of paper work to be filed and the collection of registration fees. When an online registration is completed by a player, they are an immediate member of USA Volleyball, covered by insurance, and with access to their USA Volleyball membership card which they can present at tryouts. If an individual does not register online, or chooses to pay for their membership with something other than the accepted online credit cards (Visa & Master Card), the Club Director will need to collect a $10.00 manual registration fee plus the appropriate signed manual forms (located at the bottom of this page), and submit each to the Delta Region office. Individuals will not be considered as members until all information and fees are received and processed through the Delta Region office. Unregistered members may not practice or participate in any sanctioned USA Volleyball event (including tryouts and practice).
  • Uniform Requirements: Available now on is a new multi-media module on 2017-2018 uniform requirements for USAV events. We strongly advise all teams and clubs that are looking to purchase uniforms  to consult this 10 minute resource before finalizing designs. A wise investment of 10 minutes.
  • 2018 Junior Club Officials GuidebookIt is important for you to read this Junior Official’s Guidebook thoroughly to understand the steps to helping your club members become certified Delta Region officials. Each team in the Delta Region is required to have at least two certified referees and one certified scorekeeper listed on the team roster. Different levels of officiating certification are available through the Delta Region. Please review each certification requirement outlined in this Official’s Guidebook with your Club members. With the increasing expectation of quality officials for volleyball matches, it is the policy of the Delta Region that certified coaches or certified chaperones of Junior Teams accept the role of primary referee (R1) for their team, when a paid official is not working the set. Junior Officials may serve as a secondary referee (R2). We believe that this is the best direction for us to take for the protection of the younger players and the integrity of the game. We expect all Junior Programs to embrace this concept and participate fully as a club.
  • CLUB DIRECTOR RESPONSIBILITIES in TRAINING OFFICIALS: To be in compliance with Delta Region Junior Official’s Policy, Club Directors should complete the following: Get the Officials Certification Process out to your club members in a timely manner; ENSURE ALL officials have completed online clinics & exam; Oversee the training of all officials, prior to the beginning of the sanctioned season; Keep a current list of Junior Members, Coaches and Adults that are certified as R1, Junior R2,Scorers, Line Judges and Libero trackers (available through Webpoint); Instruct all Head Coaches to carry copies of the team roster & team membership cards to all Delta Region tournaments and present either or both to R1 when requested; Ensure that a certified, rostered adult is court side and working as an official in some capacity during the teams officiating work assignment. Example: as an R1, R2, scorer or assistant scorer. This person may or may not be a coach, but must be a registered USA Volleyball member, must be on the team roster, and must have completed the required training for the work team responsibility they are performing.
  • Webpoint Club Admin Online User Manual: Guidebook to help Club Director’s and Club Admins to maneuver the membership site known as Webpoint.
  • 2018 Certificate of Insurance Request Form: Proof of insurance for facility owners for practice facilities or tournaments. Club Directors will complete a certificate request form and submit it to the Delta Region office–be sure to include facility address. Allow a couple of days for an email reply with a printable certificate.
  • 2018 Incident Report Form: Coaches should have blanks available at practices & tournaments in the event of a player/spectator/coach injury.
  • USA Volleyball Insurance InformationThis site contains summaries of all insurance provided by USA Volleyball including: General Liability; Sport Accident; Extended Official’s Coverage; Medical Claim Forms w/Instructions on how to file; and D & O Liability Insurance.
  • Spectator -Parent Code of Conduct: If your parents & spectators aren’t behaving well at your practices and/or tournaments, maybe it’s because you haven’t told them what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. You may want to post this notice at your practice facility to help everyone understand what is considered acceptable interaction between coaches/parents, coaches/players, players/spectators, spectators/officials, etc.
  • Record Retention Policy: Contains information for Club Directors on maintaining and keeping volleyball records.

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When someone choose to not utilize the online registration system, they will need to complete the following manual registration forms. A manual registration does cost an additional $10.00 to process. Forms must be completed legibly and fully. E-mail address is required to complete registration. NOTE: The social security number is NOT Required for Junior Players (it IS required for coaches and chaperones in order to conduct background screening.) However, you may want to provide the minor’s social security number on your medical insurance form for proper identification in the event you are not present when medical care is rendered.

Junior Volleyball Players: Complete & sign the followin

Adults of Junior Clubs: Complete & sign the following

If your club member is NOT a U.S. Citizen, please read & complete the following:

Adult Chaperones of Junior Volleyball teams–Complete & sign the following forms: