Age Groups & Waiver Policy

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Many athletes would prefer to play with their classmates, even if they are slightly older and their birthdate would require her to play with an older age group. If the coach wants to request an age-group waiver, the entire team will be unable to play in nationally-sanctioned events.

Age waivers will be granted to junior players within the Delta Region, to play in the next lower age group only.  For example, a 16 year old junior player that is in the 9th grade and whose birthday is prior to Sept. 1 of the following year may apply for a waiver to play with her 9th grade classmates for the upcoming season.  These waivers will be valid only within the Delta Region and will not be valid at the national level.

Other regions MAY choose to allow the participation of age waived players. Contact the individual Tournament Director to check on the eligibility of waived players within the region you will be playing.  If an outside region does not accept waived players then said player may not participate in sanctioned tournaments within that region unless the player plays with her age appropriate team as directed by the USAV Age Definitions.

Age-waivered players may also not participate in the Delta Region Bid Qualifier, any National Qualifier or the Junior Olympic National Championships unless the player plays with her age-appropriate team.

Following is a handy guide to the age-group waiver based on grade in school IF your club director/coach chooses to request an age waiver for the entire team.

  • 5th graders-11s (if she turns 12 before 9/1/18)
  • 6th graders-12s  (if she turns 13 before 9/1/18)
  • 7th graders-13s  (if she turns 14 before 9/1/18)
  • 8th graders-14s  (if she turns 15 before 9/1/18)
  • 9th graders-15s  (if she turns 16 before 9/1/18)
  • 10th graders-16s  (if she turns 17 before 9/1/18)
  • 11th graders-17s  (if she turns 18 before 9/1/18)
  • 12th graders-18s  (if she turns 19 before 9/1/18)